There is a 3-month warranty for the soft wood items and 12-month warranty for the hardwood items

We repair for free with in the given warranty time but when exceeded to that certain allotted time, there will be a repair charge depending of the damaged to be repaired. Cracks normally occurred on the wood especially when exposed to heat (direct sunlight and hot weather, normally during summer time). If cracks started to show, we suggest that you let it stay like that for a couple of months before repairing. That will minimize the further appearance of cracks since the wood will be more dry. The customer will shoulder the shipment fee of the item to be repaired. The repair is free f charge within the given period of warranty.


If there is no initial payment received after placing an order, the production will not start, so we require a down payment to start the production. We only accept cash. Balance wil be COD.

Erroneous order

We will replace the said order as long as the error was done on our part, otherwise, the delivery and repair cost will be charged to the client.


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