Types of woods

Types of wood available at MBA

There are two types of wood that can be found at MBA FURNITURE SHOP:



Weight: heavy

Color: light yellowish color

Description: most commonly used for outdoor furniture such as garden set, garden steps, and travieza.

Sample  garden table. Table top is a molave slab and table base is made from rustic molave post.

IMG_20150530_124927 IMG_20150530_124823


Weight: heavy

Color: dark red

Description: ideal for outdoor use. Resistant to wood borer and termites.


Balayong wood
Balayong wood
Balayong office table
Balayong office table


Heavy light brown to dark brown

Ideal for outdoor.

Yakal wood
Yakal wood

Ipil ipil

Heavy considered as hardwood. Best for outdoor. Resistant to termites

Light yellow color

Sample ipil ipil wood

Ipil pill wood as a candle holder
Ipil pill wood as a candle holder



Philippine’s national tree. Semi-hardwood and often used for antiques. Ideal for indoor use and one of the most expensive types of wood used by furniture makers. There are two types of Narra, the yellow and red Narra.

Solid red Narra root bench
Solid red Narra root bench
Yellow Narra queen size bed



Light-colored light-weighted type of wood and ideal for indoor furniture



Best for large table top. It has dark grains around the center heart of the wood.

Color: light brown with dark wood grains

Here are sample manga wood

Unstained table top manga wôod
Unstained table top manga wôod
After putting some finishing oil, the color tuned darker.
After putting some finishing oil, the color tuned darker.


It has prominent grains, brown color with darker grains. Best for indoor use. Commonly used for chairs, bed, tables and others. It look perfectly fine without any wood stain.

Here are some furniture made from acacia

Center table with solid top
Acacia Center table with solid top
Console with drawer
Acacia Console with drawer
Side table With drawer
Acacia Side table With drawer


Sala set solid wood
Acacia Sala set solid wood


One of the most known type of wood used for indoor furniture.

Sample furniture made from mahogany

Mahogany side table
Mahogany side table
Mahogany Three-slat backbackrest
Mahogany Three-slat backbackrest

Other woods


Semi-hardwood with pinkish color

Camatsili pedestal
Camatsili pedestal



Semi-hardwood ideal for bench or table

Langka small table
Langka small table
Langka table frame
Langka table frame

5 thoughts on “Types of woods

  1. My order of following 1 ). Two queen bed mahogany bed frames. 2) 3 chairs and round table all mahogany for delivery July 10 at citiland condo 2212 I will be at your shop around 10 am Friday to give you the exact address pls call me at 772 1213 thx Henry Fortich

  2. Hi there, I am Joe from Malaysia.
    Please take your time to view my page:
    I am of the main producers of Malaysian wood mainly commercial for exports and local consumption. Recently, we have diversify to table slabs.
    One of the main major solid hardwood is called Merbau. Its reddish brown in colour. Strong, heavy hardwood and termite resistance.
    Our slabs range from many sizes.
    Diameter: 24″ till 50″
    Length: 3 feet till 12 feet or customized.
    Do take your time and feel free to message me on opportunities to work together on this.
    Thank you
    Joe @Bhout Slabs

  3. Hi! How much for a solid wood slab for an indoor dining table good for 12 persons? Preferably Mangga wood, oiled, with its natural shape kept (not shaped), and treated against pests? The thicker the better, about at least 4 inches thick?

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